Northern Patriotic Front


The Northern Patriotic Front is run by NPF members, and admin who cannot be held responsible for any abusive views , foul language etc commented on this page, offenders will be blocked AS NOT ALL VIEWS AND COMMENTS LEFT ON THIS SITE ARE NECESSARILY THE SAME AS THE NPF!

The northern patriotic front {npf} has been set up by a number of disillusioned national front members. The movement is designed to campaign in the north east of England against immigration and asylum seekers and all that comes with this.

We will keep the traditions of our north east saint Georges day rallies and demos and we are totally independent of red tape and false dictators telling us what can and can’t be done!

If you could make a donation of any denomination to npf it would be a great help to help the movement get off the ground as we are self funded. We need a PO Box, banners, leaflets and stickers.

To donate, go to this tumblr/site and click the Donate button at the top. Thank you.

The next Northern Patriotic Front demo will be on the 29th of September in Sunderland.